Saturday, May 22, 2010

More New Plants

My “to do” list is overwhelming and the customers are keeping me busy (hooray!), so the best I can produce for the blog right now is photos of plants I have not grown before. I am a huge fan of pansies and they are flourishing this year.

Matrix Sunrise

Delta Mix Citrus

Basil and rosemary are probably the two best selling herbs here. In the foreground of the following photo is a new variety I am trying, 'Nufar' basil. This is the first fusarium resistant variety of basil and it has a sturdier habit than the other sweet (Genovese) basil I grow from Fedco seeds.

Cascadia Bicolor purple is a variegated and vegetatively grown petunia. It scores high points for the consistency of variegation in the bloom, but the stems are fleshy and more upright than I like, so I will probably not grow this one again.

It is 5:30 am Saturday morning and I must go finish loading the trucks for St. Johnsbury Farmers' Market.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day

The snow is falling lightly (I hope!) outside and I just wanted to post a few photos before I head back to the greenhouses. Business yesterday was good, despite cold, windy and wet weather. Praise be to the mothers!

First some photos of damage from that last freak snow storm ... the day after.

In the next photo my son is on the right with the red hat. He took apart all the wood and with the help of my pal Rose and a carpenter, rebuilt all the tables.

Part of the roof...

And now for the good stuff - nothing was hurt inside the greenhouses.

"The tomato house" -

A lot of fuchsias went to new homes yesterday...

And here is a "Kids' Corner" customer. I sell plants for ten cents each for children 16 and under (limit five plants each.)

And now I must scurry back to the greenhouses.