Monday, July 29, 2013

Yet More Daylilies

The daylily season is winding down and my brother has returned to California after spending a week with me.  Thank heavens the weather was not as hot and humid as it had been.  

To the left above is 'Ferengi's Gold.'  It's not gold at all, but more of a lovely light yellow.  To the right is 'Barbara Mitchell.'  I had forgotten how fragrant this daylily is.

'Smokey Mountain Autumn' (above) has long been one of my favorites.  We are sold out of this cultivar!

I have mislaid the name of the above flower.  It's a pretty eyed double, for what that's worth!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Daylily Sale - Buy Three or More - $6 each

And these are all large clumps in gallon pots...


'Ruby Spider' is a show stopper and has won many awards.  The bloom is huge (9") and very open, almost like a "spider" daylily.


Once planted, 'Right On' is one of the heaviest blooming varieties I have.


'Moses Fire' has a  5" double cherry red bloom.


The bloom on this pretty daylily measures 8" across

Monday, July 15, 2013

Daylily (Day Lily) SALE - Three or more - $6 each

Daylily IS one word, but spell check does not agree ... so for those searching, I'll use both approaches.

Once you catch the daylily bug and realize the vast choice of colors and forms, you start to have favorite hybridizers. One of my favorites is Pauline Henry of Siloam Springs, Arkansas.  Her daylilies do wonderfully in northern Vermont.  She registered 490 plants during a period of 37 years and she died in September, 2000, at the age of 92.

I sell ten different 'Siloam' daylilies and have more growing in the fields for future sales.  Here are four of them.

Siloam Double Classic (above) won the 1993 Stout Award, 
the highest honor given to any daylily. 

Siloam Paul Watts

Siloam Baby Talk

Siloam JeromePillow

I have hundreds of different daylilies,  all large clumps in gallon pots and now all offered at $6 a pot, if you purchase three or more.  And if you want just one, they are still on sale at $6.99 each.