Friday, June 12, 2020

DAYLILIES for 2020

Time to wake up the blog.  May swept in on the Covid horse and gardeners cleaned us out of annuals.  That and a computer crash stopped me from posting anywhere, but the rush has slowed and we have a nice selection of perennials, so I will start with the daylilies.

DAYLILIES  - Available in pots as of June 15, 2020

= Tetraploid, which means  they have twice as  many chromosomes.      E = Early,  M = Midseason, and  L = Late  


Bella Lugosi:  Rich deep purple 6” bloom.  Fragrant.  33”    M.
Challenger: VERY tall rusty red. 48” L. 
Chicago Apache: Intense scarlet red with ruffled edges.  30” ML. 
Cherry Cheeks:  Cherry Red/Rose 6” flower.  28” ML. 
Crimson Shadow:  Deep Crimson Red, 5” bloom, 25” tall. ML.  
Desert Flame: Bright orange-red 5 1/2” bloom. 36” M.
Grand Rouge:  Intense deep red. 6.75” blooms, 35” EM. 
Holly Dancer:  Deep red, Spider 7” boom, 34” M.
Lavender Blue Baby:  Lavender with darker eye, recurved 5.5” bloom.  28”  M. 
Lusty Leland: Deep red 6.5” bloom.  28” M.
Midnight Raider: Fragrant 6.5” purple bloom, yellow eye.   30” M. 
Persian Ruby:  Ruby Red.  7 3/4” bloom.  30” M.  
Red Razzmatazz:  Clear 5” fire-engine red  bloom.   32” ML.  
Red Ribbons:  8” Red spider.  42” M.
Ruby Spider:  Eye-catching  9”  ruby red bloom with golden yellow throat.  34” EM.
Siloam Red Ruby :  Rich ruby red 4” bloom, 18” scape. M.
Siloam Sambo:  Dark red 4” bloom, 24” EM.
Strutters Ball:  Large 6” purple blooms with small yellow eye.   22” ML. 


Autumn Daffodil: Light Yellow - Tall and Late - 30” L. 
Bitsy:  Dainty 2” lemon yellow flowers.  Long blooming.  30” E.
Bold Tiger:  Bold red 4.5” eye zone on orange.    28” 
Brocaded Gown:  6” ruffled yellow bloom.  26” EM. 
Blackthorne:  Creamy yellow, wine purple eye.  26”.  M.
Golden Chimes:  Gold Trumpet-like bloom,  46” E.   
Holiday Song:  Cheerful  pink/coral with red eye,   22” M. 
Hyperion:  Canary yellow, extremely fragrant 5” bloom.  This daylily has been in cultivation for more than 80 years.  40” M.   
Little Miss Manners:  Adorable (2”)  double yellow blooms with shots of red.  13” E.
Marked by Lydia:  8” pale yellow bloom with purple striping, spider.  29” E.  
Primal Scream:  Glimmering Orange, 8 “ bloom,  Stout Medal Award winner,    34” M. 
Nina Winegar: Golden yellow spider.  Heavy bloomer  narrow twisting pedal.  3’ M.
Siloam Betty Woods:  Gold 7” bloom, 26” M.
Stella de Oro:  Award winning 12” golden  yellow blooms throughout summer.  
Steve Trimmer:  5.5” Yellow w/ plum eyezone and edge.

(Near) WHITES  

Dust Bunny:  Double 4.5” Cream bloom.  24” E.
Gentle Shepherd: 5” Probably the whitest daylily, but delicate substance.  29”.  EM.   
Marque Moon:  5.25” Creamy white bloom, fragrant and ruffled.  24”  ML
Siloam Button Box:  Cream 4 1/2” bloom with maroon eyezone. M.
Snow Blizzard:  Cream pale yellow double.  Fragrant 7” bloom .  36”.  ML.  


Baby Blues:  Pale lavender, pretty etched eye.  3” bloom.  20” M.
Barbara Mitchell:  Perfectly formed pink 6” bloom.  20” M.
Beautiful Edging: Ruffled pale pink edging on creamy light yellow pedals. 22” M. 
Dragons Eye:  4 “ pastel pink red eye zone.  24”. ML
Dublin Elaine:  Light double pink, 5.5” blooms.  36” E. 
Lilting Lavender:  Unusual curling pink 8” bloom, 30” ML.
Orchid Corsage: Huge (7.5”) pink lavender blooms with a yellow star center.  40” ML.   
Patrician Splendor:  Cream pink 6” blooms.  Fragrant.     26” M
Raspberry Splash:  Light peach 5.5” bloom w/ large dark raspberry eye.  20” M. 
Siloam Jerome Pillow:  Orchid Bi-tone 2.5” bloom.  18” ML. 
Siloam Little Fairy:  Tiny (3.25”) creamy pink bloom with rose eyezone.  23” M.
Siloam Merle Kent:  Bright orchid pink with dark wine eye, 4” bloom.   24” M.
Strawberry Candy:  Pink 4 1/2” blooms with deep rose red eyezone.  Award winner.   26” EM.
Stella Ruffled Fingers:  Pale pink reblooming flower - 3.5”  19” tall. E - L. 
Susan Weber:  Light Pink w/ darker rose edge.  5.75” bloom, 26” tall. L.
Victorian Lace:  Ruffled light pink, fragrant.  7” bloom ,  30” M.
You Win:  Light pink 6” bloom.  26” M.

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