Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Fall Perennials

Amanda at St. Johnsbury Farmers' Market ...

We are entering the Mum season big time right now and tend to sell almost all the plants we take to our two farmers' markets.

They look good and "the price is right" ($3.50 - $6.50.) I am so ready to wrap up the season and start planning seriously for next year. There are four greenhouses filled with mums and of course they're outside too.

Meanwhile, I am scarfing up any late blooming perennials I can find for bouquets and combining them with remaining annuals.

The bouquets really are pretty and I sell them for $5 each, because it's a fun project for me. But I tell people if they want one made specifically for an event ... it will be a lot more.

Cimicifugia (bugbane or snakeroot) is in full bloom right now. It is a tall graceful specimen plant that does fine here in full sun or part shade.

Ligularia 'Britt Marie Crawford' has nice bronze leaves when grown here in full sun (other ligularias prefer more shade) and the yellow daisy blooms are welcome in the fall.

Buddleia (buterfly bush) is marginally hardy here. This one variety, 'Pink Delight' did well here for five years, and this fall it is still alive, but not blooming much. I remember these plants being huge and covered with blooms in Connecticut.

Clara Curtiss is the one true "perennial mum" that seems to thrive here.

Another mum that does overwinter, but has been a big disappointment for me, is 'Rosy Igloo.' This is the promotional shot of the bloom, but in fact it's quite small and (to my eye) dull.

As my Dad used to say - Onward!

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Lizzie, The Vintage Traveler said...

How beautiful!! And it is amazing the difference between Vermont and North Carolina, and I'm in the cool part of the state. Buddleia does so well here - and this year we have had a profusion of butterflies around my bushes. And around here, Joe Pye Weed really is a weed! It's everywhere.

I LOVE the arrangements!