Thursday, November 4, 2010

NEW Plants for 2011 - Part I

While there is still much to do in the gardens and with the perennials, I have been busy ordering my plant stock for next spring. I start most of my seedlings in the house and then in the greenhouses, but for the most part it is necessary to buy in rooted cuttings both because they are usually patented (taking cuttings is prohibited) and because I don’t have a good space to over winter plants for cuttings.

'Phantom' Petunia'

It will fun to see how this new petunia (above) performs. Last year Proven Winners came out with ‘Pretty Much Picasso’, (below) and while I appreciate its novelty, I thought the color would be lost in the foliage. I did have a few requests for ‘Picasso’ so I may order it this year.

'Pretty Much Picasso'

I am hoping Begonia 'Million Kisses Devotion' might be a good replacement for folks who have a hard time or with (or don't care for) fuchsias.

Begonia 'Million Kisses Devotion'

Bacopa is extremely popular and it now comes in colors other than white.

Bacopa 'Taifun Mega Blue'

However, I can not “get my head wrapped around” black petunias. I know black pansies have been popular, but this one is NOT going on my Order List.

'Black Velvet' Petunia

More new plants when I next get back to this blog.

2 comments: said...

where do you get seed for phantom petunia? the only thing I am finding is plants

Amandainvermont said...

SO SORRY I didn't see this comment sooner. These petunias are offered by Ball and growers can only buy them - and they are purchased as cuttings, not seeds. So I hope you were able to find them at a greenhouse somewhere.