Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rain in Vermont ...and then more Rain

We have had record breaking rains here and the poor village of Cabot really got "hammered" with flooding. The local hardware store got hit the worst. Over the years I had been building up a nice perennial garden next to the building. That's gone now.

Bridges, driveways and culverts were washed away all over the place and many roads were closed. Memorial Day weekend is normally our busiest time, but the rain sure slowed people down.

Unless folks have raised beds or very dry gardens, they have been unable to plant. We have not tilled once and our gardens are embarrassing. Meanwhile we did have some flooding in the greenhouses and the cellar took on 8 inches of silt, but we're better off than most folks.

The perennials are loving all the rain. Our shade garden is thriving (as are the snails) and the hostas are in seventh heaven.

Early this spring I tossed some slow-release fertilizer on some peonies. It lets the fertilizer out every time it rains. Well, those peonies are more than one foot taller than usual.

Fern leaf peonies are blooming now.

If we have to have extremes in weather, I far prefer too much rain to a drought, and so do most of the plants. Daylilies seem to do well in wet conditions, and of course Siberian iris prefer moist locations.

I am hoping for better gardening conditions for all of us!

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