Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hardy Roses for Northern Vermont

We have always carried hardy roses, including Therese Bugnet and Champlain, two of my favorites. They have performed well year after year and have done fine with our -20 to -30 temps with no protection at all.

Champion Rose is from Canada’s ‘Explorer’ series of hardy roses developed in Ottawa. Its flowers are a nice dark red with double petals and they bloom in clusters. The plant stays fairly short at 3 - 4’.

Photo from Baileys Nursery

Therese Bugnet has double rosey pink flowers and a lovely fragrance. It’s a vigorous grower and would work well as a screen. Unfortunately Japanese Beatles have arrived and they do love this rose.

Photo from Baileys Nursery

Morden Sunrise is another hardy rose that produces an orange flower which fades to coral, yellow and cream. I haven't grown it here, but have good reports from Montpelier.

Photo from Baileys Nursery

Other hardy roses we carry are: William Baffin, Rambling Red, Rosa rugosa and Purple Pavement.

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