Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gardeners - NOW is the time ...

... to tell me what you want.

I have done a lot of my ordering for the spring already,  but I have about 15 seed catalog orders waiting to be finalized.  

For example - Black and Blue salvia -

This one was great the first half of summer, but then kind of wimped out towards the end of the season, and I was going to drop it.  But one customer said it was fabulous in her garden until the very end, so it will be available again.

If more than one customer (or often just one) asks for a certain plant, I will do my best to grow it.

If you have any special varieties of heirloom tomatoes you want to try, I’m your grower.  Hard to find flowers?  Get in touch with me with anything on your garden wish list  and I’ll see if I can help.

1 comment:

Lizzie said...

I want you to come to NC and plant a garden for me. You did say to let you know what we want...