Monday, March 10, 2014

New Annuals for 2014

I trepidatiously approach this year's growing season.  Some of you know I "lost" my partner, who was also my electrician/mechanic/plumber, to lung cancer June 11 last year.  Every thing I do now pushes the "memory buttons."   In the middle of this endless winter someone crashed into my business sign, so it is also gone.  I imagine local folks who see no greenhouse sign think I am finished as well.

Not so, I hope ... and here are a few of the fun new petunias I am looking forward to trying out this year.  They are all started from cuttings and are not available as seeds.

'Cascadias Indian Summer' is a new variety from Danziger.  The blooms start as yellow and then change to different shades of orange and terracotta. All reports on this new petunia are full of superlatives, particularly regarding its growing habit.

Photo from Greenhouse Product News

I've tried vaious picottee and striped petunias and they are often not consistent.  I am told that this  'Crazy Cherry Cheesecake' from German breeder Westhoff is "perfect."  Here in Vermont we are so starved for summer that bright colors are always appreciated.

Photos from Van Meuwen Gardens

A few years ago different companies started introducing black petunias with yellow highlights.  I decided to give another highly recommended petunia in the 'Crazy' series, 'Crazytunia Star Jubilee' a try this year.

Photo from Spring Trials

Black petunias are not my cup of tea.  However, my customers like them and I am growing 'Sweetunia Black Satin' because it is touted as the best black petunia on the market with the color staying true and not as leggy as the competition.

Photo from Greenhouse Management Magazine

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