Monday, May 18, 2015


I have been beyond busy, but finally put together a list of heirloom tomatoes I have on the benches.

HEIRLOOM TOMATOES - Individual plants - $1.79 each   Warning - For most of the varieties I only grow 6 - 10 plants because of space constraints. 

Alpine:  “Early”, Ind, Oblate, red flesh, outstanding yields. Fruits average 6 to 8 oz. Nice sized fruits of high quality.  
Bounty - 70 Days. High yields of red globe large salad fruits. 
Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry - Also known as ''Husk Cherry'. An heirloom variety from Poland prized for its flavor. Golden-yellow 1/2" fruits - excellent for pies, preserves, jams and fresh eating with a strawberry-like flavor. Productive plants 18" tall and 24" wide start fruiting in late July.
Black Cherry - 75 Days. Look like large, dusky purple grapes. Rich flavor. Large vines yield very well. 
Black Prince:  mid, Ind, 6 to 8 oz., grey-brown, semi-sweet, globe-shaped fruits.
Pink Brandywine (Suddeth Strain) - 80 Days. The most popular heirloom vegetable.   
Burgess Crackproof:  75 Days.  Ind. “Plants are unbelievably productive with an abundance of 6 to 8 oz., red globe fruits which are almost 100% crack free.” 
Burpee Gloriana - 70 Days. Globe-shaped fruit, 6 to 8 oz. A+ yields. 
Cabot - 75 Days. Excellent flavor and performance, 4 to 6 oz. red globes.  
Cherokee Purple - 80 Days. An old Cherokee Indian heirloom, pre-1890 Large sized fruit. “Real old-time tomato flavor.”  
Cosmonaut Volkov - 75 Days. A smooth and attractive, medium-large red tomato that has a full, rich flavor.     
Earl of Edgecomb - 70 Days. High yield of 6 to 10 oz. globe fruits of vivid orange, usually blemish free, assertive, delicious taste. 
Early Glee - 60 Days, 10 - 16 oz. fruits on the acidic side.
Early Rouge - 70 Days. Huge yields of top grade, uniform 6 to 8 oz. globe red tomatoes. 
Fargo:  early, Det, RL, medium size, productive red slicer from NDSU.  
Koralik - 65-70 Days. Det.  Russian 1“ cherry tomato is bright red and borne on heavy trusses of 6-8 fruit, which are sweet and flavorful.    Meaty pale yellow 1 - 2 pounders. From Indiana.
Manitoba:  “Early”, Det, 6 oz. red tomatoes, excellent yield.   Developed by Morden Experimental Station in 1956
Mountain Magic produces high yields of 2 oz., bright red, round salad tomatoes with very sweet flavor.  Some early and late blight resistance.
Moravsky Div - 60 Days. Golf ball sized fruit. Deep red, and cold tolerant. Rich flavor. Smooth and globe-shaped, 6 oz.
Moskovich:  early, SD, 10 oz. red fruits, round globe shape.
Mule Team:  75 Days.   Ind,  large set of globe fruits near one pound, usually blemish free, “great taste.” 
Olomovic:  “Early,”  SD, uniform 4 to 6 oz. tomatoes, a Czech variety, huge yields. Originally introduced by Abundant Life in the 1980's. 
Orange Minsk - 90 Days. Huge meaty orange beefsteaks. 
Paul Robeson -  early, Ind, RL, greenish red-brown fruits about 6 oz.  
Peacevine - 78 Days. Almost identical in fruit size and growth habit to sweet 100. “Bears gazillions of sweet clusters each with 8 or so 1" fruits.” Has the currant tomato in its ancestry.  
Prudens Purple - 72 Days. Some say Prudens is superior to Brandywine It is is earlier .  A great sandwich tomato. 
Ras:  mid, SD, RL, flat, ribby, bright scarlet red fruits, high yields, Spanish heirloom.   
Riesentraube - 76-85 days. This old German heirloom.  The sweet red 1-oz fruit grow in large clusters, and the name means "Giant Bunch of Grapes" in German.  
Rosabec - 60 Days. Nice, 6 to 8 oz. pink fleshed tomato from Quebec. Tart tasting, excellent yields. 
Rose de Berne - 80 Days. French √©migr√© could be considered the Brandywine of continental Europe. Not quite as large, but same great flavor. 
Russian Bogatyr:  80 Days, Ind, 1 to 2 pound beefsteaks, sometimes slightly oblong globes, excl taste, great yield.  
Soldacki - 80 Days. Excellent large pink sandwich tomato. Originally from Krakow Poland.
Taxi - 65 days.  Heavy yields mild,  nonacid YELLOW tomatoes.   Det.
Urbikany:  70 Days, Det, 6 to 8 oz., red-fleshed fruit, above average yield. Another Czech variety
Washington Cherry - 60 Days.  1 1’4” Meaty and Flavorful.
Whippersnapper:  “Very early” , Det, pink/red cherry, plants seem to have more fruit than leaves.
Yellow Brandywine - 90 Days. Some say more delicious than pink Brandywine. 
Yorkbec - 60 Days. Red globe fruits, 4 to 6 oz. size from Quebec.

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Jeanette Lee said...

wonderful list Mandy! Have you ever had my favorite - Matt's Wild Cherry? They're tiny - but flavor loaded!