Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Inside the Greenhouse - July 8 - SALE

Yes - all annuals are on sale now and ...  it's all looking good.  In the following photo are solenia begonias.  The color is "orange", but it looks more like an apricot to me.  These begonias can take full sun.

Next are the popular nonstop begonias for shade.  Usually red is the preferred color, but this year folks leaned towards yellow.

 Below is a wall pot for shade waiting for the customer to pick it up.  Yellow non-stops and lobelia and German Ivy.

I've always liked signet marigolds (marigold tagetes tenuifolia).  They have pretty foliage and a lovely scent.

The white marigolds are fun for a change.

And below are photos of Harlequin Dahlia, grown from seed.  Usually I only plant the Figaro series, as they are pretty and dependable.  But next year I will do more Harlequin, as the blooms are really flashy and unusual.

Last photo is a dahlia grown from cuttings - Hypnotica Lavender.  It's quite perfect in form.

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