Sunday, April 10, 2016

MORE "New" Flowers for 2016 at Amandas Greenhouse

Customers often ask for flowering vines.  Morning glories and clematis sell well.  This year I am trying clerodendrum, which is an annual grown from cuttings.

(Photo courtesy Jolly Farmer)
Clerodendrum is a vining "tropical" appearing plant.  The blooms have white outer petals and bright red inner petals.  It is commonly grown further south where it is known as "glory bower."  The selling points to me are that it was described as "easy to grow" and "a fast climber."

The 'Sunpatiens' series are excellent new guinea impatiens for full or partial sun and they are exempt from the impatiens downy mildew.  

                                                                             (Photo courtesy Jolly Farmer)
Sunpatiens Spreading Tropical Orange scored at the top of many university trial gardens last year. The flowers are vibrant and long lasting and the plants can easily be planted 20 inches apart as they will fill in the space within six weeks.

There are MANY kinds of dahlias and they can be grown from seeds, cuttings, or tubers.  

                                             HYPNOTICA BOCOLOR ROSE DAHLIA
                                                                                (Photo courtesy Jolly Farmer)
I offer dahlias started from seed in six packs and dahlias started from cuttings in 4.5 inch pots ($3.99).  Last year Hypnotica  lavender dahlia from cuttings performed beautifully, so this year I am adding Hypnotica Bicolor Rose.

Bacopa sutura is an ideal plant for containers as long as it is kept watered.   It has white  flowers which tumble out of window boxes and baskets.   This flower always looks wonderful in the spring, but it peters out for me as the season goes on.

J B Party Bacopa is actually a relative of bacopa and is described as "a Jamesbrittania type of bacopa."    It performs in a similar manner with warmer colors and better heat tolearance.  It should be good for baskets and mixed containers.

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Linda said...

Lovely photos and great post. I have been to Vermont many times and it is beautiful! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)