Wednesday, June 21, 2017

June at Amanda's Greenhouse

The four greenhouses are emptying out and my goal is to get all remaining annuals into the one big greenhouse.  All pansies, violas, and wave petunias are on sale for $1.

The early spring perennials have finished their blooms and now it's time for the Siberian iris and peonies to put on their show.

The iris are lovely, but they go by way too quickly.  The foliage looks nice all season long, adding a good accent to the garden.  When it's time to divide Siberian iris the challenge is on.  The roots and rhizomes form a compact mass that feels like a block of cement.  I suggest a strong man (sorry sister feminists) and a sharpened straight shovel.  Or perhaps a strong edger would work?  

It feels as if we have had more rainy days than sunny days and the hostas in "Danny's garden" just love all the rain.

All foliage is healthy.

I thought it would be fun to fill a window box with primarily coleus, since I have lots left for sale!

I hope other Vermont gardeners have had better luck than I when it comes to planting.  It has been so wet, the soil is usually unsuitable to till.  My tomatoes are in at least, but here it is - summer solstice day (midsummer?) and I have not finished planting my vegetables.  Move away from the computer Amanda.  

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