Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Dig-Your-Own Vermont DAYLILY Sale

SOLD (DUG) OUT -two days later...  Field is closed.

We grow our own perennials to sell, digging and potting them in the fall and the spring.  To this end we have six large gardens.  And we can't maintain them all anymore, so from one of the gardens we are having a DAYLILY DIGATHON sale -  Fill a five gallon bucket for $4.00.

I picked blooms from that digging field on Monday and show them below.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (Aug 2 - Aug. 5 ) from 9 am - 11:30 am come to Amanda's Greenhouse and we will supply you with a five gallon bucket. Please BRING YOUR OWN shovel. Fill the bucket with as many plants as you wish. We will transfer the plants into a plastic bag. $4 a heaping bucketful.

This will not be easy digging, so bring a good shovel and strong shoes.

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