Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Perennials and the Weather

It’s 6:30 pm and they are predicting up to 8 inches of snow. Would anyone like to look at some daylilies before they disappear?

We mowed the lawns yesterday. Four days from now they are predicting hot and humid, so I am not going to worry too much about my perennials. This is what we call a “sugar snow.”

Sometimes potted perennials get too much moisture, and I have certainly had my battles with fungal disease. One of my favorite sprays to use later in the season is Pyola, a combination of pyrethrum and canola oil. It hits any pests organically and while the oil attacks insect eggs and larvae, it is also useful for combatting fungal problems.

The bad news is that I have lots more perennials to dig, and I don’t want to do it with a snow shovel.

The good news is that I FINALLY got my catalog finished. It can be downloaded from MY WEB SITE.

And more good news. I have been named one of the top 100 gardening blogs (in the regional section) at this site.

Top Gardening Blogs. Hmmmm - time to start writing again, now that both my catalog and taxes are in the past.

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