Thursday, April 29, 2010

Snow Stories - The Bad Side

At first the unexpected snow was quite pretty.

By Thursday morning more than a foot had fallen. The daylilies (and all the plants) were buried and it was still snowing.

The snow was light and fluffy, perfect snowball weather. My dog, Rudy, loved it.

As the morning warmed the snow grew heavier, bringing down tree limbs in my driveway. Neighboring farmers reported they had no electricity.

Having once dealt with a caved-in greenhouse because of heavy snow, I made sure the snow was sliding off my four houses.

But I didn't predict a problem with the outside "shade benches." The roof is made of slats of wood to provide shade while letting some sun in. Snow fell off a tree and crashed through part of one roof on to the tables and plants.

A tree split and crashed on the plants stored out back.

Then the totally unexpected happened. Another shade roof covering hundreds of freshly dug and innocent perennials buckled under the weight of the snow. Its supports gave way, crashing the entire thing on top of the pots, crushing plants and smashing the tables. This was once two long rows of inviting perennials, covered by a picturesque wood slat roof.

Today the sun is shining. We open officially in two days and they are predicting hot and humid weather for the weekend. We will face the destruction, salvage what we can and, as my Dad would have said, "Onward." Nobody was hurt and everything inside the greenhouse still looks great.

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