Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Winter Activities

I have two great loves - gardening and vintage clothing and accessories.

The above earrings and pin are on ETSY

I am fortunate to pay my bills through gardening and my business is at my house.The downside is that from April through September I have no privacy. A constant parade of people come into my house, which is almost eligible for the “Hoarders” TV Show.

Fortunately my customers are great and my “employees” are all good friends.

Whenever I shop during the summer, I try to visit thrift stores or yard sales as well. And some of my customers trade vintage items for gift certificates. So I am always on the hunt. During the winter I sell these items online using eBay, ETSY and Artfire. My goal is to sell enough to pay for the internet and associated services for the year.

The above 1970's velveteen jacket is on ArtFire.

And I recently sold the neat art deco 1930s necklace (above) on eBay. On Etsy and ArtFire my selling name is "VintagefromVermont."

On eBay I am AmandainVermont.

I am also an active member of the Vintage Fashion Guild, a great group of men and women who are extremely knowledgeable about vintage clothing and accessories. I have lots of enthusiasm, but not their education.

However ... There is a huge pile of seed catalogs waiting for my attention and it is time to start preparing the greenhouses for the next onslaught. My first job in the transition from vintage clothing to horticulture is to go through my seeds and check their dates, viability, etc. I will be planting begonia seeds very soon.

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