Monday, July 9, 2012

Vermont Daylily Sale

I grow more than 100 varieties of daylilies and they are all sold at the same price, $6.99.  This includes some really special cultivars that initially cost me around $50 a pop.  The season has begun and the sale is on (buy five, get the sixth one free, YOUR choice).  I have found that the price of $6.99 is already a sale compared to many places.  Here are some of the blooms I noticed yesterday.

Charles Johnson

Marked By Lydia

 Burning Inheritance

Sunday Gloves

And here is a partial list of my daylilies, sorted by color:

Baby Blues: Pale 3” lavender bloom.  20” M.  
Challenger: VERY tall red. 48” L.
Charles Johnson:  Bright cherry red blooms.   24” : EM.
Chicago Apache: Intense scarlet red with ruffled edges.  30” ML.
Chicago Weathermaster: Purple 6” blooms.  20” EM.
Chris Salter: Award winning  6 inch  medium lavender blooms with ruffled yellow edging.  Tet  26”. : EM
Cranberry Cove:  Cranberry red, 4.5” blooms, 28” tall. EM.
FlyCatcher:  Red 7.5” blooms,  yellow eye.  32” L.
Gus Blankenship:  Red blooms, 6”. 28” : EM.
Highland Lord:  Red wine 5” semi-double.  22” M.
Howard  Goodson:  Dark bluish red 6” bloom with a bight yellow/green throat.  28” : M.
Moonlight Masquerade:  Cream w/ purple eye.  5.5” bloom, 26”.  : M
Red Ribbons: Red spider daylily, 8” ribbon like blooms,  42” M. 
Ruby Spider: Impressive 8” spider bloom : 34” EM.
Siloam David Kirchoff:  Pretty 3.5” orchid-peach flowers with a pencil thin, purple eye zone and purple watermark around a green throat.  16” M.
Siloam Grace Stamile:  Fragrant red blooms with darker eye. 14” EM.
Siloam Red Ruby:  Red blooms with yellow green throat.  18” M.
Siloam Paul Watts:  Red with green throat.  4.5” bloom,  18” M
Siloam Plum Tree: 4 “ deep purple bloom, small yellow throat.  24” EM   
Strutters Ball:  Deep purple with small green yellow throat.   26” M. 
Trahlyta:   6” bloom award winner  grey violet  with a dark purple eye zone and a green throat - very fragrant.  30” M.  
Wayne Johnson: Award winner.  Early blooming  6” semi- double cherry red daylily. 28” M.  
Woodside Ruby:  Ruby red 4” blooms.  34” M.


Addie Branch Smith: 4.5” rose flower with a purple eye. 30” M/L.
Butterfly Kisses:  Ruffled Lavender peach 8” blooms.  32”  EM
Camden Ballerina:  3.5”  rose/pink blooms. 16”  EM.
Brilliant Circle:  Cream pink, rose/red eye, 3.5” blooms.  28” M . 
Decatur Pie Crust :   5" salmon pink with nice ruffles. 24”    M
Dance Ballerina Dance:  6” Apricot pink bloom, : 24” M.
Doll House:  Pink-lavender.  Ruffled pedals. 27” M.
Dragon’s Eye:   Pastel pink 4” flower, red eye zone, green throat. 24”  M/L.
Dublin Elaine:  Light double pink, 5.5” blooms.  36” E.
Exotic Echo: Pink ruffled 3” bloom w/ burgundy eye. Heavy bloomer   M
Eruption: Vivid cherry red 6.5” bloom.  30” ML.
Lavender Showstopper:  An early blooming tetraploid.  Ruffled edges on  5.5” purple eyed flowers. 40” E.
Little Bee:  Late blooming miniature daylily (2” )   Tangerine, rose, apricot blend, 16”  L.
Made to Order:  Light pink, rose eye 4”. Stands out in garden.  26” EM.
Our Diane:  Pink bitone 4.5” blooms.  22” EM.
Olallie Mac:  Baby pink/melon  5” blooms.  32”, L.
Orchid Corsage: Huge (7.5”) pink lavender blooms with a yellow star center.  40” ML.   
Pink Embers:  Salmon pink 6” bloom on 19” scape.  EM
Prairie Blue Eyes: (In my eyes) a dusty lavender rose.  5” blooms, 28” M.
Siloam Double Classic:  Prize-winning double pink. 15” EM.
Siloam Baby Talk:  2.5” pale pink blooms with deep rose eye.  15” EM
Siloam Little Girl: 3 and 3/4” round lacy pink bloom.  18” M. Scatterbrain:  Light peach pink 6” double blooms. 32”  M.
Smoky Mountain Autumn: Dusty rose blend 5.5” bloom.  Award winner. 18”  M.
South Seas:  Tangerine coral.   30” ML . 
Spritual Corridor  Fragrant orchid lavender 6” bloom with a cream blending to chartreuse eye. Cream/picotee edge”  25” :.


Autumn Daffodil:  Broad flared yellow petals, 46” L.
Bold Tiger:  Bright orange blooms w/ red eye.  28” M.
Burning Inheritance: Red orange 5” bloom.  :  M. 
Buttered Popcorn: Strong yellow fragrant 6” blooms.  32” ML
Condilla:  Tidy double, gold blooms, award-winner. 20” M.  
Decatur Cutie:  Yellow w/ Red Halo,  2.75” blooms, 20”  E.
Doodlebug:  Soft lemon bloom with a dark eye.
Evening Bell:  Ruffled pale yellow award winner.  5” blooms on 28” scape.  : EM
Happy Returns:  Long blooming light yellow.  3 1/4” bloom, 22” M.  
Holiday Delight: 6 1/4” blooms, maroon eye zone over brilliant orange red petals.  28” : M.
Kindly Light:  Classic yellow spider daylily. 28” M.
Marked by Lydia:  8” yellow bloom with purple striping, spider.  29” E.
Primal Scream:  Orange/tangerine bright 7.8” bloom.  34”  L.
Nina Winegar: Golden yellow spider.  Fast grower, heavy bloomer  narrow twisting pedal.  3’ M. 
Stella de Oro:  Award winning 12” golden  yellow blooms all summer.
Suzie Wong:  Consistent ruffled, pale yellow.  24” E.
Todd Monroe:  Buff-colored  3 1/4” blooms with rose eye zone 20” E.  
Tuscawilla Tigress:  Flashy 7” inch orange blooms.  25”  EM
(Near) WHITES and variations on that theme
Gentle Shepherd: 5” white bloom, Probably the whitest daylily, but delicate substance.  29”.  EM.
Joan Senior :  6” near white  curved bloom, 25”. EM.
Mokan Butterfly  Bright purple eye shown off against a pale (almost white) lavender) 5” bloom. 36”.  E
Nanuq:  Near white with a yellow green throat 5” bloom, 27”   ML .

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