Wednesday, August 22, 2012

(Some of) My Favorite Plants

Plants perform differently every growing season depending on the weather.  I occasionally find myself crazy about a plant and two weeks later when the blooms have diminished ... not so much.  Here are some of my favorites from this year.

Every year I am a big fan of lavatera trimestris 'Silver Cup.'  This rose mallow is covered with large pink flowers and they are excellent in bouquets.

'Silver Cup' Lavatera

Tall summer phlox can be tricky because of powdery mildew.  Even the highly touted 'David' does not completely escape from the attack here.  My favorite phlox for performance, fragrance and bouquets is 'Laura.'

'Laura' Phlox

Rudbeckia 'Denver Daisy' has been another great performer in my garden this year.

'Denver Daisy' Rudbeckia

And year after year 'Annabelle' hydrangea has never let me down.  Besides its manageable height and long lasting flowers, the fact that it blooms in part shade is a big plus.

'Annabelle' Hydrangea

It has been a hot and dry summer and some of my hostas exposed to the sun have not faired well. 'Sun Power' hosta has lived up to its name, providing a nice burst of color all season.

'Sun Power' Hosta

I never go without a tall blue ageratum for cutting.  They are not bothered by disease or bugs and are very long lasting in bouquets.

'Dondo Blue' Ageratum

And the mums are just beginning to show color ... and just beginning to sell.

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Anonymous said...

One plant you may like as well in the TickleMe Plant! The TickleMe Plant will close its leaves and lower its branches when you Tickle It!