Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hardy Vermont Perennials and My Story

As I get “into” blogging I realize I have said very little about myself. I am a single woman, no doubt considered elderly by many (will be 63-years-old shortly). My parents always loved gardening. It was more of a chore for me as a child, but as I got older I had to have a garden. It got a bit extreme when I married a local farmer and we ended up with 90 acres of small fruits and vegetables.

The farm thrived, the marriage didn’t, and 20 years ago I started “Amanda’s Greenhouse.” I now have four greenhouses and at least half an acre of perennial plantings which we dig and pot up in the early spring for sales. I pride myself on growing the perennials here (zone 4 at best) and only selling plants that I know will overwinter in the colder northeast.

About half my income is from perennial sales and the rest is from bedding plants and cut flowers.

My friends are wonderful and I love living in a small Vermont community. My other passion, besides horticulture, is vintage fashion. I also have four cats and a dog and I am a lousy housekeeper.

And now - to the gardens. Here are three quick and dirty photos I took by the house this morning before I opened for business. I have more gardens further from the house.

I was delighted to see this pretty new daylily, ‘Beautiful Edging’ which I will have enough of to offer next year.

I do have quite a few of the pretty Dublin Elaine to offer at the sale this year.

We have actually had a day without rain and we are closed tomorrow. My "To Do" list is already almost one page long.

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