Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Very Wet Summer in Vermont So Far

I far prefer too much rain over a drought any time, but this is getting a bit extreme. The slugs and ear wigs are really happy. I laughed when someone told me about slugs coming into their house on their dog, but then I discovered slugs coming up my front steps on their own.

One side effect of the constant wet and overcast weather, combined with a cool spring, is that the daylilies are late to bloom and the mums seem to think fall is here, so they are setting buds prematurely.

Here are some of my daylilies for sale.

Well, the foliage is nice and green! I actually do have some in bloom and they are coming along. This is a customer making her choice.

I was pleased to see Erngium ‘Blue Hobbit’ (sea holly) all over wintered without a problem, although I’m not quite sure how to use this flower yet. The descriptions says 8 - 10 inches tall, and mine are at least 20 inches tall, but that could be all the rain.

And I will end today's entry with three bouquets I made for farmers’ market.

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