Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Photos of My Place

I thought I'd share photos of my place for online friends who don't have a chance to come by.

We have four substantial gardens near the house for growing on perennials, and one up the road, also on my property.

Below is the "manure garden" - so called because 50 years ago it was where the dairy farmer piled his manure.  The first shot is taken from the driveway with the road in the background, and the second shot is from the road looking up.

And below is my humble home....

The following  is one view of "The road garden."

and another

Then we have the "house garden"

And here is the walkway up to the greenhouses.  I have many display gardens, including a lovely shade garden behind the largest greenhouse, which I forgot to photograph!

My own little garden for bouquets and meals.

The area set aside to sell daylilies...

This is a view from one of the greenhouses looking down to the road and other gardens.

And HERE is one of many plantings to be dug and potted next year.

Thank you for letting me share.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful gardens and grounds! Thank you for giving us these lovely shots!